Special Topics

Special interest topics this year include:

  • Research on service and policy approaches to eliminating disparities
  • „„Approach to services and policies that promote interagency partnerships
  • Research on disproportionalities
  • Payment models and new opportunities for child behavioral health with Affordable Care Act
  • Best practices in engagement and enrollment strategies for expanded health insurance opportunities (expanded Medicaid/state health insurance exchanges) for uninsured, diverse racial ethnic populations
  • „„Role of behavioral health providers in health homes – and how this is connected with the system of care approach
  • „„Behavioral Health prevention strategies that can be implemented and evaluated at state and local levels
  • Psychotropic medication of children as it relates to behavioral health, child welfare, primary care, and schools
  • „„Accountability and outcome tracking in Child Welfare
  • „„Diverting youth from juvenile justice